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Sideways-looking synthetic aperture radar.
Extraordinary sessions shall be convened at the hva er et forfall på en livrente request of one or more States Parties by the Chairman of the Open Skies Consultative Commission, who shall promptly inform all other States Parties of the request.
Each State Party shall have the right to raise before the Open Skies Consultative Commission, and have placed on its agenda, any issue relating to this Treaty, including any issue related to the case when the observed Party provides an observation aircraft.
If the observing Party is unable to demonstrate this to the satisfaction of the observed Party, the observed Party shall have the right to prohibit the observation flight in accordance dato nettsted for kvinner with Article viii of the Treaty, and no observation flight shall be recorded against the.In the event that, on the basis of data provided pursuant to Annex B, Section I to this Treaty, a data recording medium to be used by a State Party during an observation flight is incompatible with the equipment of another State Party for handling.In the event that the observation flight is prohibited or cancelled by the State Party requesting the demonstration flight, no observation flight shall be counted against the" of either State Party, and the State Party requesting the demonstration flight shall convey the matter.In the event that, during the transit flight, the observation aircraft lands on the territory of a State Party, that State Party shall, upon landing and prior to departure, inspect the covers of sensor apertures or other devices that inhibit the operation of sensors.Customary commercial aircraft fuelling and servicing for the observation aircraft or transport aircraft at the point of entry, at the Open Skies airfield, at any refuelling airfield, and at the point of exit specified in the flight plan, according to the specifications that are published.The observing Party shall have the right to retain or receive the original film negative; and.The reference number of the observation flight shall be indicated by a single group of six alphanumeric characters in accordance with the following convention: (A) the letters "OS (B) the last digit of the calendar year for which the individual active" applies; and (C).In the event that the problem is not rectified to the satisfaction of the observing Party, the observing Party shall depart the territory of the observed Party; or (E) cancel the observation flight pursuant to Article viii of the Treaty and immediately depart the territory.The names of the personnel, their gender, date and place of birth, passport number and issuing State Party, and their function.Planned flights between entry fixes and points of entry and between points of exit and exit fixes shall be conducted in accordance with published icao standards and recommended practices and national regulations.

This arrangement shall be deemed to be terminated on the next 31 December following the 60-day period after such notification.
The mission report shall be signed by the observing and observed Parties at the point of exit and shall be provided by the observing Party to all other States Parties within seven days after departure of the observing Party from the point of exit.
The estimated time of departure for the flight from the point of entry to the Open Skies airfield where the observation flight shall commence and the location, the date and the start time of the pre-flight inspection shall be subject to confirmation by the observed.
If the requests for observation flights over the territory of any given State Party exceed its passive", then the distribution shall be established by general agreement among the interested States Parties, and presented to the Open Skies Consultative Commission for approval.
The State Party conducting the certification shall provide the States Parties taking part in the certification access to the entire observation aircraft, its sensors and associated equipment and sufficient power to operate its sensors and associated equipment.The sum of the individual active"s is the total active" of that State Party.Personnel of the observed and observing Party shall have the right to monitor the processing and duplication of the aerial film used during a demonstration and observation flight.If, during the examination and inventory of the items of equipment to be used in the sensor inspection and, if applicable, observation aircraft inspection, as well as the items that the flight representatives intend to bring on board the observation aircraft, the State Party conducting.The term "mission report" means a document describing an observation flight completed after its termination by the observing Party and signed by both the observing and observed Parties, which is in a format established by the Open Skies Consultative Commission.If the observed Party is unable to demonstrate this to the satisfaction of the observing Party, the observing Party shall have the right to proceed with the observation flight or to cancel it, and when the observing Party is satisfied that it is safe.Alternates, advisers and experts of a State Party may take part in the proceedings of the Open Skies Consultative Commission as deemed necessary by that State Party.No State Party shall be obliged to accept more than one observation flight at any one time during the 96-hour period specified in paragraph 9 of this Section, unless that State Party has requested a demonstration flight pursuant to Annex F to this Treaty.The observing Party shall facilitate the inspection in accordance with the procedures specified in Annex D, Section II, paragraphs 7 and 8 to the Treaty.The weather conditions affect flight safety;.Updates of such information shall be provided as requested.The maximum flight distances of each group of States Parties shall be specified pursuant to Annex A, Section III and Open Skies airfields shall be designated pursuant to Annex E to this Treaty.No later than four hours after submission of the mission plan, the observed Party shall accept the mission plan or propose changes to it in accordance with Article viii, Section I, paragraph 4 and paragraph 5 of this Section.The term "observation flight" means the flight of the observation aircraft conducted by an observing Party over the territory of an observed Party, as provided in the flight plan, from the point of entry or Open Skies airfield to the point of exit or Open.The observing Party shall appoint one of its representatives as chief representative.

In the event that it exercises this right the State Party concerned shall reduce its active"s in respect of other members of the group in such a way that the total sum of observation flights it conducts over their territories shall not exceed the.
Privileges AND immunities.


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